Can you help me?

Is a common question, a stranger often asks from a person to know about someone, place or anything in the vicinity stranger has reached. If the replier has time, answer is received; otherwise the concerned person searches another one to know about his query. Sometimes few mischievous elements take opportunity of such enquiries and misguide people for their fun or wasted interests.

Sameer a village boy after completing his education from his native place has first time come to Mumbai. After viewing glamour of Bollywood and TV shows on big and small screens, he has been persuading his parents to allow him to visit Mumbai from a long time. Jaisingh, his father was a farmer who with his own efforts has erected his empire in a village of Madhya Pradesh. Shanti his wife and he had put a condition before Sameer that he can go to Mumbai, only after completing his graduation. Now since Sameer has recently done his graduation, his parents gave him permission to fulfill his wish. However, he was allowed to stay there for maximum period of 100 days and advised him return to home, immediately after completion of said period. Sameer was given sufficient money for his staying, food and other expenses. Incidentally, Mohan a childhood friend of Sameer had also come to Mumbai few months back, and during his last visit to village, he influenced Sameer to come to Mumbai. He told him that he has got break in an under production TV show and also that he has good relations with producer and can arrange a role for him also. Since Sameer believed upon him, he came to Mumbai and after reaching the locality where Mohan was residing, he asked from two boys, address of that building where Mohan was residing in a flat on rent. These boys understood that the asking person is new to Mumbai and also guessed that as he was holding a heavy suit case and looking prosperous, they decided to misguide and loot him.

They instead of informing him about the building, which was hardly 100’ away from that place, said him that it was very far and asked him to hire a taxi to reach there. They also informed him that they both are living nearer to that building, as such they can help him to reach desired destination. When Sameer accepted their offer, they stopped a taxi and asked the driver to go to one suburb of Mumbai. While sitting in the taxi, Sameer was thinking that why he instead of asking some strangers, did not contact Mohan on mobile, so things would have been rather easier. When he talked to Mohan, he was surprised to know from him that the flat was left far back and advised him to ask taxi driver to turn his taxi to the place, where it was hired. The local boys heard his conversation and before Sameer asks driver to return the taxi to actual place, they forced driver to drive vehicle fast in the present direction. Baburao Marathe, driver of taxi was also hearing talks between passengers and understood that the criminal minded local boys are on the way of looting an outsider. He immediately stopped the taxi and asked both boys to come out of taxi. He also stopped another taxi driver and informed him about bad intention of Mumbai boys. Baburao with the help of his friend was successful to get Sameer released from trapping. He handed over these boys to police and left Sameer at Mohan’s flat.

Sameer and Mohan both thanked Baburao for his support and in turn, Baburao took an oath to help strangers for Mumbai, lifelong. He has displayed his contact number at railway stations, bus stands for helping those persons who are coming to Mumbai first time. Sameer with help of Mohan met TV show producer and narrated his story. Producer who was impressed by a real life story, immediately booked Sameer for the lead role in his upcoming TV show “May I help you?” And of course, Baburao Marathe will also be seen in the show asking strangers on roads and mobiles “Can I help you?” The show is slated to be released on small screens, this Diwali.

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