Bear’s take on jaw-dropping clips of real people facing extreme scenarios


“This is the sort of stuff that will blow your mind – footage of real people in genuine life-or-death situations who live to tell the tale.” Bear Grylls

Premiering on Discovery Channel on August 18 at 10 pm – one of the world’s greatest survivalists, Bear Grylls, presents some of the most jaw-dropping footage of great escapes and near-death experiences in anall-new, entertaining, fact-filled series – BEAR GRYLLS EXTREME SURVIVAL CAUGHT ON CAMERA.

From the Amazon jungle to the polar ice caps, Bear Grylls has seen and survived pretty much everything that the natural world has to throw at him – which is why, when he is blown away by a clip of human survival, you know it pushes the limits to the extreme.

In this series, Bear introduces clips of real life jaw-dropping great escapes filmed by the public, in moments of extreme danger. Together with a series of experts including familiar faces such as predator expert Dave Salmoni (as featured on Animal Planet), mechanic Edd China (from Wheeler Dealers) and fellow survivalist Gary Humphrey (of Car vs. Wild), Bear will examine just how they managed to survive in the face of the most difficult of circumstances.

Whether it was due to sheer quick thinking, feats of endurance or just pure luck, Bear and the experts will explain exactly how these great escapes took place through engaging popular science and graphics – with each incredible clip as a back drop.

Tune in for each of the eight action packed, hour-long themed episodes – Thrillseekers, Snow, Air, Roads, Water, Forces of Nature, Animals and Work – and at the end of each episode, find out which clip Bear believes was ultimately the greatest escape of them all.

In eight themed episodes, we hear from world-renowned, highly-qualified experts including:

* Predator expert Dave Salmoni
* Survivalist Gary Humphrey [Car Vs Wild]
* Edd China [Wheeler Dealers]
* Vicki Butler Henderson [Fifth Gear]
* Expedition doctor Chris Van Tulleken
* Science daredevil Greg Foot
* Human flight expert Major Alastair Macartney
* Flight specialist Captain Marc Wolff

And at the end of each episode, Bear give his official stamp of approval by picking his favourite clip, the clip he thinks was ultimately the greatest escape.

Tune in to BEAR GRYLLS EXTREME SURVIVAL CAUGHT ON CAMERA, Monday to Friday at 10 pm on Discovery Channel

Atul Malikram