It is a must for television actors to keep themselves fit and fine as a little bit of plumpness can make them look fat on screen. This is the reason why most of the actors have a very strict diet and work out schedule. While some get their gym on their set others retort to using diet food as supplements to maintain their bodies.


Vatsal sheth who is seen in STAR Plus’ Ek Hasina Thi has been doing everything right to ensure that he can maintain his body and look in the show. The talented actor has got himself a personal trainer who is very closely looking in to his work out. After the shoot is completed, Vatsal ensures that he make his way to the gym to get his daily dose of work out right. He has been training under Prashant Sawant, who has been credited to have trained Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan.

When contacted Vatsal he said, “I am a vegetarian so it is a bit difficult but still I have been following a strict and disciplined diet. While I was always on the leaner side it was Sohail Khan who made me realize the importance of my body and the measures I must take to maintain it.”


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