Kya ek perfect beta ek perfect pati ban sakta hai

Hum Hain Na launches on 1st September 2014, Monday  Thursday at 9:30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television

Mumbai, August 26, 2014: The Indian woman has always been the epitome of tradition and values in our society, but can the men be left far behind? Every mother has expectations from her son…every wife wants attention from her husband…every sister is possessive about her brother! But will the perfect man be able to live up to these expectations? Breaking the stereotype, Sony Entertainment Television is all set to launch a new show, Hum Hain Na which showcases the story of a man’s struggle to strike the perfect balance. Premiering on September 1, 2014, Monday – Thursday at 9:30 pm, the new show dabbles with the subject that gets many women thinking –kya ek perfect beta, ek perfect pati bhi ban sakta hai


Produced by DJ’s Creative Unit, Hum Hain Na is set in the beautiful town of Benarasand follows the life of a young and charming boy, Shivprasad Mishra aka Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon). An ideal brother, son and friend, he is the blue eyed boy of his family. His entire world revolves around the three women in his life – his amma, badi didi and chhoti. In any given situation, he has quick fixes to brighten up the mood of each of his family members. But in a bid to keep everyone happy, Bunty’s own personal life is always in trouble. His life takes a turn when his elder sister makes him promise not to get married until she is married off. Being a true Benarasi, Bunty vows to never go back on his words but is stuck at the crossroads when he bumps into his dream girl,Saagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee), at a family wedding. Saagarika, raised single-handedly by her father who is unaware of a woman’s needs after her mother’s  death, sees a complete contrast in Bunty who is full of affection and is sensitive towards women. When these two opposites meet, what follows is a series of interesting and heart-warming events.


Speaking on the launch of the show, Ajay Bhalwankar, Chief Creative Director, Sony Entertainment Television, said, “Indian television has always appreciated women’s contribution to a family, but this time we are celebrating a man’s role in bringing the family together. Hum Hain Na is a refreshing yet modern take on how Bunty balances the different women in his life seamlessly. Our protagonist, Bunty transitions from being a doting brother and a caring son to a sensitive boyfriend so impeccably that it seems as if he is almost unreal. His sensitivity and emotional nature might make one feel he is metrosexual, but in reality his heart belongs to the values of the place he belongs to.”


Deeya and Tony Singh of DJ’s Creative Unit said, “Hum Hain Na is a story very close to reality. It’s about a boy who is a perfect son and a perfect brother, he wants a wife who will embrace his universe which consists of his family. And a girl who wants to be the universe of her man, she desires to have a perfect husband who is sensitive to her needs as a woman . And. Now the question is can a boy who is a perfect son and a perfect brother also be a perfect husband? Will this become a perfect love story?”


The role of the protagonist will be essayed by the young and good-looking Kanwar Dhillon. The beautiful and talented Pratyusha Banerjee will play the role of his love interest, Sagarika Chattopadhyay who is modern but traditional at heart. In character roles as Bunty’s Amma will be Shubhangi Gokhale and Babuji will be Rajendra Chawla while the roles of Badi didi and Chotti will be played by Aparajita Bajaj andAyesha Kaduskar respectively.  Hum Hain Na will be a fun and emotional story which will appeal to men and women alike.


Hum Hain Na launches on 1 September 2014, Monday-Thursday, at 9:30 pmonly on Sony Entertainment Television

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