Whether Sandhya will attend Chhavi s marriage

Star Utsav bringing back the most interesting moments of “Diya Aur Baati Hum

Star Utsav has always believed in entertaining its loyal viewers with what they want to watch. A big group of viewers had recommended repeating the tale of Sandhya, when she is puzzled to choose either Chhavi’s marriage or Inter sports competition. To make please the audience, Star Utsav is bringing back the interesting story of Sandhya.

Chhavi’s marriage had put Sandhya in a fix, as she had to choose between her family and her training. Bhabho reminds Sandhya of her duties towards her family and asks her to be present for the wedding at any cost. Sandhya decides to be part of the wedding no matter what, even if she has to leave the academy with Officer Agrima’s permission… Agrima Singh informs the officers about the task, where-in Star Performer will be grant wish of her choice. Sandhya decides to win the inter sports competition, only way to attend Chavvi’s wedding. But the task seems to be very difficult to meet her wish, but she is determined to win. On other hand Zakir is not happy with Sandhya being part of the task he thinks she is the weakest link of all, they may lose the competition coz of her.. It’s race against time for the group to perform.


Sandhya decides to win the inter sports competition. Santosh waits for Sandhya’s arrival. Agrima Singh informs the officers about the task. Zakir wishes to win the star performer award. He humiliates Sandhya. Sandhya tells Zakir to trust her, but he hesitates. Zakir and Sandhya have an argument with each other regarding the task. Rahul and Roma support Sandhya. Sandhya informs Zakir that she will be performing to the best of her abilities.


Will Sandhya’s determination to attend Chavvi’s wedding will pay off?

To know how she will perform in water task and same ,tune “Diya Aur Baati Hum’ on 4th Sep Thursday at 10 pm on Star Utsav only


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