Picture_Kumkum- Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan
Star Utsav, your beloved entertainment channel is ready to develop a new bond with you by bringing “ Kumkum – ek pyaara sa bandhan” on small screen from 15th September 2014
Television from 1982 has without any doubt made own niche in every corner of India. During last 32 years, television saw numerous soap operas, reality- comedy and other shows, but only few shows were successful in stealing hearts of viewers with their concepts, performances and presentations. The soap opera “Kumkum – ek pyaara sa bandhan” is such a show, who qualified all norms to be nearer to every member of any family, and was successful in giving the inner theme of show to its lovers, that is “bonding or relation”.
India is known for its heritage and maintaining and strengthening family bonding are part of Indian culture. The show tells story of Wadhwa family and its daughter-in-law, Kumkum. She is happily married to Jatin. However, he dies of a brain tumor while she is expecting their first child. The Wadhwas decide to get their young daughter-in-law re-married, and find an eligible young man named Vishal. However, when obstacles arise to prevent that marriage, Jatin’s younger brother Sumit impulsively marries Kumkum in order to save her from social disgrace.

When such a heart touching concept is with any creator, necessity of excellent actors automatically arises, and popular TV actors including Hussain Kuwajerwala aka Sumit Wadhwa and Juhi Parmar aka Kumkum and others have fully justified with the roles, they were offered. Hussain has gained different awards including Best Deewar in 2003, Best Husband in 2004-05-06 and Best Brother in 2006 in Star Parivaar awards.

Get ready to welcome Kumkum at 12 noon from 15th September 2014, every Mon-Sat, only on Star Utsav

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