Shri Abhay Jain, Director, Virtual Voyage included in the list of 30 successful personalities of India.
Abhay Jain’s biography included in Grey Parrot Publisher’s upcoming book ‘Small Big Bang- 30 stories of die hard entrepreneurs’.
The young entrepreneur from rural background proved that nothing is impossible once determined.

Indore, September 15, 2014: Today, Mr. Abhay Jain, the Managing Director of Virtual Voyage, one of the leading and quality Institute of Multimedia and Animation Education in Indore, is felicitated at an event ‘IIM Print Premier’ organized by Grey Parrot Publishers in Lucknow. The event was organized at the release ceremony of book ‘Small Big Bang- 30 stories of die hard entrepreneur’ being published by Grey Parrot Publishers.

‘Small Big Bang- 30 stories of die hard entrepreneur’ collects stories of 30 successful personalities of India giving an insight of those successful entrepreneurs, who left the challenges and obstacles behind in quest of the pinnacle of success. It has been written by 26 IIM Students, who included Mr. Abhay Jain’s story after being inspired from his life. The final touch to the book has been given by Editor Shri Ratanmani Lal, a well known author.
Talking about Mr. Abhay Jain’s story in the book, Editor Mr. Ratanmani Lal said, “Mr. Abhay Jain is an inspiration to country’s youth. Today he is running many reputed organizations in addition to Virtual Voyage. Being hailed from a small village in Khargone District and after getting primary education in a village school, he did B. Tech. From Indore and then became the owner of four successful organization. This journey proves that if determined in mind, nothing is impossible.”
At the grand ceremony, Mr. Abhay jain interacted with hundreds of literature loving people as a speaker. After his address, one of the audiences asked him what inspired him to start job oriented courses on a large scale. With a concerned heart, he put the actual picture of his life on the forefront and said that he had also been a victim of inclination towards traditional courses. Due to his interest and always getting distinction in Mathematics, his family admitted him in Maths subject during his high school and intermediate classes and a dream to become an engineer was decided to be his destiny. During the counselling of pre-engineering course in Bhopal, when I chose Computer science branch as an alternative, as was the general trend of that time that every student wanted to be a computer engineer, I also did the same, but till that time my knowledge of computer was limited to Monitor, Keyboard and mouse only. When I got the chance to enter computer lab for the first time in second semester after seven and half months from the beginning of my course, I realised that the computer had another very important part named CPU. Through this story Mr. Abhay Jain informed the audience that the decision of his career was automatically chosen by his family members influenced by some so-called less informed people and he was admitted in computer science. However he didn’t know what different parts a complete computer had. And had he been cared, he would have been given a chance to decide his career according to his wish and interest and perhaps he would have been doing well in politics and media. And due to pressure of family and for their reputation he had to waste 4 years of engineering without having any interest in and had to clear it. This was the second great mistake of life. If he had been given right guidance, he would have left engineering in between and could choose a direction of his interest. But perhaps destiny had decided something else for fortune. And the youth like me could get right guidance and could capture the opportunities of employment and self employment in the changing scenario of world as per their bent of mind and inclination, and I could become a means/medium in doing so, this inspiration originated in me.

Giving the reference of Abhay Jain in the book, author Anshu Manoj Thakur says, “I thought Mr. Abhay Jain, who was working in the afternoon of Sunday, would be a hardcore entrepreneur, but after talking for some time with him, my conception changed as he was very polite and tender by heart and down to earth personality. Mr. Abhay Jain is a source of inspiration to students professionally and personally both.”

The turning point of Abhay’s life was a remark by one of his relatives from America that changed his mind to go to America for further studies and he decided to remain in India and strive to become a successful entrepreneur in spite of the fact that he got very good rank in GRE examination and was only a step away from the dream of millions of students in India and ultimately he decided to stay in his own country and offer students education at par with international standard.
Reminding the past Mr. Abhay Jain said, “There was a time, when we had marriage of my elder brother at home and our uncle from America was about to come with family to attend the ceremony. At that time we were not in a condition to make arrangements for my brother’s marriage. To keep the respect of my father, we decided to sell well running institute Bluechip, Ranjit Hanuman centre and used the money received hence for the decoration of our house and other necessary arrangements for marriage. In this duration, I was left unemployed, but during this time also, I taught English in an engineering college in Khargone. But my action ground couldn’t keep long without me and I was again called back. I started Blue chip again at Sapna Sangeeta, Indore and soon I started other successful educational institutes including Hardzone, in the field of Computers and Talk show for English speaking. Later Virtual Voyage, Lingua Franca and Tru Commerce became the centre of excellence in their respective fields. I worked daily for 16 to 17 hours, and finally overcame challenges and went on and on towards success. I’ve gained as well as lost much in this journey. I still regret that in this race, I couldn’t give enough time to my family especially my father, who was losing health in the meantime. This is my biggest loss till now.”
It should be noted that Virtual Voyage at Malhar Mega Mall, Indore offers students various degree, diploma and post graduate diploma courses in streams like Media Films and Mass Communication; Design; Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics (AVGC); Management; Hospitality, Aviation and Tourism; Information Technology and retail. These courses are well recognised in industry. He further said, “We have devised many courses linked to the fashion world such as Fashion Designing, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing and Retail Management, Footwear Designing and more. We take great pains in appointing the best faculty for these courses so that students get the best education and training. All these courses have been designed to suit students who wish to acquire the fashion skills of a desired segment.”
Mr. Abhay Jain further says, “As a student I closely observed what challenges a student coming from a small town had to face and if your financial condition wasn’t strong, how the possibility of quality higher education became a dream. That’s why today at Virtual Voyage, we are offering world class education in Indore, so that students don’t have to go out for a good career. I’ll say to students if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you’ll have to work 16 to 17 hours daily. If you want to celebrate Holi, Diwali or Sunday with your family; go for a job.”

On the occasion, Mr. Raj Bisaria, Actor, Producer and Creative Director; Mr. Aakar Patel, Internationally acclaimed writer and many reputed personalities were present.
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